Say “Hello”

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The purpose of this page is to put a human face on the business and tell you a few facts about me, the guy who runs Tilted Earth. Seems only fair, because if you approach me as a potential client, I’ll need to be a bit nosey too! – trying to learn more about you and your business priorities, in order to help me get to grips with your website development project.

I was born in 1961, an excellent Bordeaux vintage, and I first tried a 1961 vintage wine (Chateau Batailley) on my 30th birthday. I’ve got another bottle waiting for my 60th in a few years’ time.

Away from work, I’ve always loved the great outdoors, particularly the mountains. I’m a “Munroist”, which means I’ve climbed all 282 of Scotland’s 3000 foot high hills.

I’ve always enjoyed being analytical and crunching numbers (oops, look at all the numbers just above…), but I would hate the idea of being an accountant or an actuary.

The buzz of the creative process (whether technical or artistic) is something I find extremely rewarding. It brings out my passionate side, that accountancy could never satisfy!

I play tennis badly but enjoy it nonetheless. I love ski-ing, both for the mountain scenery and the total concentration it requires.

I’ve been married to Sue for nearly 30 years now. We have one lovely daughter, who recently left home to study Psychology at University.