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Get a better website to help make your small business stand out.

If you’ve been wondering about whether now might be the right time to invest in a website upgrade, we can help you explore the pros & cons.¬†Choosing what is best, better or simply expedient for your small business website can seem like a difficult decision and it’s easy to keep putting it off.


But these days it’s not nearly as complex, time-consuming or expensive as it once was! You might even be amazed at how much freedom, power and flexibility is within easy reach.


Ye Olde Business Website Puzzle

Quality vs. Flexibility vs. Time vs. Cost?

OK, “Ye olde” is an exaggeration – the web is less than 25 years old! But in “internet time” that means many generations of website creation tools – through which the same business trade-offs repeat themselves again and again.

What has changed dramatically in the last few years though, is the achievable trade-off point for small business owners, who can now operate highly professional and flexible websites without the huge cost and/or time barriers that used to limit such websites to big businesses.

So if your existing website is looking rather tired, and more particularly if you are struggling with the limitations of a website that can’t be cost-effectively modified to do what you would now like it to do, it’s probably worth chewing over the business case for a brand new website.


New Website Economics

What factors should you think about first?

Listed below are five key questions that we invite you to consider carefully. Your answers will provide a foundation from which to create (or not) a good business case for a new website. They will also help any prospective website designer to assess what sort of technical solution might be most appropriate to your individual circumstances.

Question 1: Competitor Website Comparison?

Take a good hard look at the websites of a few of your closest competitors. Do they present themselves better than you? Do they offer a greater amount of useful information or functionality to prospective customers?

Question 2: Are You Missing Any Potentially Useful Website Features?

Are there any new features you might like to add to your existing website? Maybe e-commerce, or online booking forms, or simply a greater amount of high quality photographic images to showcase your business?

Question 3: Upfront versus Ongoing Website Maintenance Costs?

What ongoing costs are there for your existing website? (eg. for webhosting and for any website updating activities that you currently outsource to a third party). A brand new website will incur a new upfront cost, but will almost certainly reduce future maintenance costs as well as providing much more flexibility for making future modifications.

Question 4: Your Time Availability?

How much (if any) time can you free up to make more use of your business website as an active marketing tool rather than a passive “shop window”? A modern website can provide easy integration with blogs, business newsfeeds and social media tools, which is potentially very powerful, but does of course require a marketing time commitment if you want to reap the benefits!

Question 5: Your IT Self-Confidence Level?

How confident are you using computers and everyday computer software? Older websites often require highly specialist IT skills to update them, whereas new websites can be built using tools that make future updates much more accessible to mainstream computer users. With minimal training this could potentially free you from paying a third party to make future website updates.


Ready To Explore Further?

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